2024 So Others May Live Tour: Player Spotlight – Andre Vappie

Andre Vappie US Military War Dogs Baseball
Andrew Vappie US Military War Dogs Baseball

A Story of Service, Sacrifice, and Baseball

After dedicating 20 years to serving his country in the United States Army, including deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, Andre Vappie returned home and faced challenges common among veterans. Despite difficulties replicating the sense of purpose and belonging he had during military service, Andre found solace in his lifelong passion for baseball, which ignited at age six. He played throughout high school and even tried out as a walk-on player at Nicholls State University before joining the Army. During his first two years of service, Andre played semi-pro ball for the Watertown Indians in upstate New York. After retiring from the Army in 2018, he discovered War Dogs Baseball, a team comprised of veterans like himself who share a deep appreciation for baseball and the bonds forged through military service.

“I’ve always loved being part of a team, but I also wanted to play with individuals who have walked the same journey that I have in serving our country. The War Dogs give me the opportunity to do both.”

This community of veterans and service members understands the unique challenges and experiences that come with military service, finding fellowship, support, and belonging through their shared love of baseball. For Andre, playing with the War Dogs is not only a way to stay connected to his fellow service members but also a means to give back to his community.

The War Dogs’ story serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of sports in bridging gaps between different walks of life, especially for those who have served their country. While baseball may be just a game to some, it represents a connection to fellow service members and a way to give back for veterans like Andre. As we celebrate the sacrifices made by our nation’s heroes, let us not forget the importance of providing them with opportunities to heal, grow, and connect with one another. This a shining example being of US Military War Dogs’ commitment to fostering community and belonging through sports.

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