Our Mission is to
SUPPORT our Military,
GIVE back to our Veterans,
and HONOR our Fallen.


Baseball was born within our Military, and since 1867, the game has grown from the fields of West Point through U.S. bases as a form of morale. With a direct need by Military members, Veterans, and Families of Fallen Service members, the WarDogs remain a beacon for those who are looking to continue playing the game they love while Honoring those who have gone before us. The team is uniquely designed to incorporate enlisted and officers from all branches, Reservists, Veterans and even our future service members that are currently in DEP awaiting bootcamp. U.S. Service members stationed all over the world, some currently deployed while others are returning home, will come together at spring training in order to trade the boots for cleats and rifle for a bat. Every year, thousands of service members will compete for the opportunity to play on the most Elite Military Baseball team in the world. These service members will pay their own way to and from the tour and we rely on our fans and sponsors in order to help their travel and lodging cost.


Our Brothers and Sisters across the nation are going through a wide variety of issues following their service to our great nation. These issues include PTSD, Unemployment, Homelessness, and Suicide. Our mission is to support our Veterans by utilizing the strength of our Military and the stage that baseball creates in order to reach as many Veterans across the United States as possible.

Families of Fallen Soldiers

On the baseball field, we Honor our Brothers and Sisters that paid the ultimate sacrifice in service to our freedom. At home, each one of our Fallen were a possible Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Son, Daughter, Best Friend, or a Valuable Member to their community. During our tour, we take the responsibility of Honoring the Families of the Fallen.

Step up to the plate and support us. The U.S. Military WarDogs is a 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Organization.