Terry Alexander - USN

I enjoy meeting old friends and new ones while building strong bonds with brothers in the military through the game we love.
The program makes my service feel more personal and more rewarding than it was before. Even though the navy is a tradition in my family, I've always enjoy being able to give back in anyway possible. Being able to do it for veterans and the community makes this very special.This program would definitely be something that would help bring in more people I feel 100% certain of that. People I meet often tell me that "they would have joined or stayed in the service, if they knew something like the WarDogs Baseball Team existed".


Ryan Arsenault - USAF

I'm currently working on my second year in the program here locally in Denver and have played in big tournaments such as the one in Goddard Kansas. This program helps me take my mind off of work, helps me clear my mental state, and just enjoy my time with my fellow military members. I relate heavily to giving back and community work as my brother has suffered from PTSD from his prior service. Making veterans lives a little easier with their stressors and inner demons gives me a purpose to keep going. I see this being a person's way to keep playing ball if they're uncertain that military service would force them to sacrifice playing the game they love. It can be a driving factor for future service members.

RJ Vaughan - USN Veteran

I’ve been playing with the Wardogs Organization for about one and a half years now.The organization has had a very positive impact on my current Active Duty status because when we’re able to play with our brothers in arms, it helps alleviate the stresses that the military and everyday life can impose.I can closely relate to giving back to the veterans who have served our country because the veterans who have come before us gave guys like myself the opportunity to not only serve, but be a military representative on the baseball field. We show others that military baseball players have talent as well as being able to serve with honor.I whole heartedly believe that our program will attract high caliber baseball players currently serving in or thinking about a career in our Country's military.

Step up to the plate and support us. The U.S. Military WarDogs is a 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Organization.

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Address: ForeverNeverForgotten
PO Box 55244
Virginia Beach, VA 23471

Email: info@wardogsbaseball.com


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