On Thursday September 22nd, the Denver WarDogs were able to attend a Colorado Rockies game with patients and friends from the Eastern Colorado VA hospital. Four WarDogs players accompanied 8 Veterans and VA representatives to the afternoon game.

As the group took in the game, conversations amongst the players and other Veterans spanned from military service, to love of baseball and everything in between. It was a great opportunity for our players to give back to our Brothers and Sisters who sacrificed so much for our Nation.


Josh Combs, WarDogs COO and Denver Coach had this to say about the event:


“It was incredible to see how organic the conversations were between our guys and the folks from the VA. Baseball represents a sense of normalcy for everybody involved, and to be able to connect like this while taking in a game and growing personal networks like everybody did is one of the reasons we formed the WarDogs.”

The event was put on in conjunction with the Eastern Colorado VA’s Recreational Therapy group. The Rec Therapy group uses a range of activities to help meet the physical and emotional needs of patients with varying ranges of physical and/or emotional disabilities in order to help them develop skills for daily living.

The event itself was an incredible success with friendships formed and bonds created; the bigger take-away for the WarDogs in attendance was in discovering other ways to give back and support other Veterans currently utilizing the VA. Members of the team were able to connect with other volunteer coordinators at the VA and are hopeful for long term partnerships and opportunities to support our Brother and Sisters.

If you are interested in volunteering with the VA, please visit www.volunteer.va.gov.

Never Forget our Military. Never Forget our Veterans. Never Forget our Fallen.