Year of the Dog Campaign

The 2021 Year of the Dog tour will be partnered with Operation Mutt 22 to help support their mission to get veterans suffering from PTSD a service animal.  Add the photo of the dog that is also on the about us page.

Year of the Dog Campaign News

Presentation Bat Raffle

Congratulations to our winner, David Marquardt, with ticket number bat-1029!

US Military WarDogs build baseball team with military talent

Dubbed America’s “most patriotic team,” the U.S. Military WarDogs offer baseball enthusiasts the chance to trade in boots for cleats.  

Military members have different camaraderie within their own services, but once their feet hit the diamond, rank become nonexistent along with their branch affiliation. They are now U.S. WarDogs.  

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Military Wardogs Baseball raising money and awareness for veterans with disabilities

WarDogs Military Baseball takes the Military’s best ball players and travels the country playing Major, Minor, and Collegiate teams in order to raise money and awareness for Veterans dealing with PTSD, suicide, unemployment, and disabilities…

The team is participating in the Summerball Showdown, and will present a service dog to a designated veteran at Friday, (8/6/21), nights game in Goddard.  Bruce Jazwinski is the President of Military Wardogs and Forever Never Forgotten.

“We have military members from all over the world that are going to be playing on one team.  It’s a great group of guys and not only that, what (spectators), they’re going to see is a once in a lifetime show,” Jazwinski said.

For the players, the team draws on the history of military baseball teams of the past.  “It’s organized chaos, but it’s a real tribute to the way that history has molded everything from military baseball from where it first started, to now,” Jazwinski said.

Anyone wanting to see the service dog presentation and featured baseball game with Military Wardogs baseball, can still get tickets for Friday night’s game that will take place at the Genesis Sports Complex in Goddard.

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